Calendar of Compliance

JO – Last day to adopt Statement of Revenue Policy and Budget [LGReg cl 397I]

JO – Public interest disclosures report due to the NSW Ombudsman [PIDA s6CA]

JO – Last day for meeting to be held to present audited financial statements [LGA s418(2); LGReg cl 413G]

JO – Last day for annual performance statement to be published [LGReg cl 397J(2)]

JO – Last day to provide report detailing delivery progress of the Capacity Building proje

JO – Report to JO Board [MCCP cl 11.2] and OLG [MCCP cl 11.2] on complaint statistics

JO – Annual Performance Statement due [LGReg cl 397J(1)]

JO – Audited Financial Statements to be lodged with OLG [LGA s417(5); Code pgA-5]

JO – Request for extension to lodge financial statements to be submitted in writing to OLG [LGA s416(2); Code pgA-6]

JO – Annual Report of obligations under GIPA to the Minister and the Information Commissioner [GIPA s125]