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Leigh Vaughan 2014

Councillor Leigh Vaughan, Great Lakes Council

Clr Vaughan has been instrumental in a number of committees that support the development of the community. She is the Chair of the Local Government Association Women’s Committee, Chair of the Crime Prevention Task Force and established the Great Lakes Arts Network which includes the new bi-annual Cultural Awards. Clr Vaughan was also the main driver of establishing the Conservatorium Mid North Coast and guided its development across three local government areas.

During her time at Great Lakes Council, Clr Vaughan has worked to re-establish the Local Government Women’s Committee and led development of an Action Plan for women’s policy issues. Through this committee she facilitated research into barriers and incentives for women entering and remaining in local government. Clr Vaughan has also supported young parliamentarians and organised a team to include a young woman and female aboriginal elder in the 2012 local government elections.

Councillor Vaughan was nominated by Mr Stephen Bromhead MP, Member for Myall Lakes

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