Office of Local Government leadership team

The Office of Local Government leadership team is collectively responsible for leading the organisation, and individually accountable for the strategic and operational activities of their specific areas.

Brett Whitworth – Deputy Secretary, Local Government

Melissa Gibbs – Director, Policy & Sector Development

Grant Gleeson – Director, Legal

Karin Bishop – Director, Sector Performance & Intervention

Keith Baxter – Director, Emergency Recovery

Michael Bruce – Director, Communications and Media, Crown Lands and Local Government

The Office of Local Government operates under four strategic groups:

  • Policy and Sector Development Group

    The focus of this group is on strengthening the local government sector. The group is responsible for providing leadership and guidance on council governance issues, the provision of policy advice, and engagement with councils on current and emerging issues.

  • Sector Performance and Intervention Group

    The primary focus of the group is at an individual council level, concentrating on legislative and regulatory compliance. When required, the group leads targeted interventions with councils and councillors. It is responsible for monitoring council performance and delivering programs including the Responsible Pet Ownership Program. The group is also responsible for the review and assessment of all statutory applications to OLG, and administering council grants programs.

  • Legal Group

    The Legal Group provides legal support and advice to OLG and manages its legislative program. The group also provides the governance and risk management frameworks for OLG.

  • Business Services Group

    This group maintains the critical relationships with the Minister’s Office, including managing Ministerial correspondence, providing assistance to the OLG executive and assisting with the maintenance of other strategic relationships. It also provides OLG with client services, information technology, human resource, financial and other support frameworks that enable the organisation to operate efficiently and effectively.