24-02 Minor Works contract form for infrastructure delivery for councils

NSW Public Works has developed the Minor Works 21 Local Government (MW21-LG) Contract that is a plain English, cooperative, and collaborative form of contract, to support the NSW local government sector in delivering infrastructure.

24-01 Constitutional referendums and council polls

Councils are reminded to inform the NSW Electoral Commissioner (NSWEC) if they have resolved for the NSWEC to administer a constitutional referendum or poll in conjunction with the September 2024 local government elections.

23-17 Update on councils’ obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW)

The Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW) (the MSA) created new obligations for councils under the Local Government Act 1993 (the LGA) relating to modern slavery. Local councils are required to take reasonable steps to ensure that the goods and services they procure are not the product of modern slavery, and to report on those steps.

23-16 Regulation amendments to protect the employment of waste workers

Amendments have been made to the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021 (the Regulation) to strengthen employment protections where councils tender for domestic or other waste management services

23-15 Regulation amendments prescribing requirements for audit risk and improvement committees, internal audit and risk management

As foreshadowed in circular 22-41, the Local Government (General)Regulation 2022 (the Regulation) has been amended to give statutory force to key elements of the Office of Local Government’s (OLG) Guidelines for Risk Management and Internal Audit for Local Government in NSW (the Guidelines).

23-13 Release of the Information and Privacy Commission’s follow up audit of councils’ compliance with open access requirements in relation to returns of interests

Circular Details23 -13 / 30 October 2023 / A871320Previous CircularCircular No 22 – 15 Guidance for Councils on the publication of disclosure of interest returnsWho should read thisCouncillors / General Managers / Council Governance StaffContactCouncil Governance / / (02)...

23-11 Effect of the NSW Government’s policy on executive office holders’ and senior executives’ remuneration on general managers’, executive officers’ and senior staff remuneration

The Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration (Executive Office Holders and Senior Executives) Regulation 2023 (SOORT Regulation) has been prescribed. Clause 4(1) of the SOORT Regulation states that the Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Tribunal (the SOORT Tribunal) is not to award an increase in remuneration for NSW Government executive officeholders and senior executives before 1 July 2025.

23-09 September 2023 mayoral elections

Circular DetailsCircular No 23-09 / 01 August 2023 / A869189Previous Circular21-24 September 2021 Mayoral electionsWho should read thisCouncillors / General Managers / Governance staffContactCouncil Governance Team / 02 4428 4100 / requiredCouncil to ImplementPDF version23-09 September 2023 mayoral elections...

23-08 Annual Reporting of Labour Statistics

Circular DetailsCircular No 23-08 / Date 10 July 2023 / A867125Previous Circular22-20 Annual Reporting of Labour StatisticsWho should read thisCouncillors / General Managers / Human ResourcesContactCouncil Governance Team / 02 4428 4100 / requiredInformation / Council to ImplementPDF version23-08...

23-05 Ward boundary and name changes

Council Circular 23-05 - Councils must review their ward boundaries and notify the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) of any changes to ward boundaries and/or names by 5 October 2023.