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Boundaries Commission

Local Government Boundaries Commission

The Local Government Boundaries Commission is an independent statutory authority constituted under section 260 of the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act).

The Boundaries Commission has several functions under the Act.  In summary its main functions are:

  1. to examine and report on any matter referred to it by the Minister in relation to the boundaries of local government areas and the areas of operation of county councils; and

  2. where a matter (as described in (i) above) has been referred to the Chief Executive of the Office of Local Government for examination and report, to review that Report and provide comments to the Minister.


2016 Merger Proposals

In the current round of merger proposals, the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Paul Toole MP, has elected to refer the proposals to the Chief Executive of the Office of Local Government, rather than the Boundaries Commission, for examination.

The Acting Chief Executive has delegated the function of examining and reporting on each of the proposals to a number of people, known as ‘Delegates’. Delegates are required to examine and report upon each merger proposal rigorously and fairly. The examination process includes Delegates calling for submissions, holding a public inquiry on each proposed council merger, assessing the proposals against the factors in section 263(3) of the Act, and providing a Report to the Minister. Delegates are also required to provide their Report to the Local Government Boundaries Commission.

The Boundaries Commission then reviews each Delegate’s Report and send its Comments to the Minister.

Once the Minister has received the Report from the Delegate and the Comments from the Boundaries Commission, the Minister makes a decision on whether or not to recommend the implementation of the proposal to the Governor of NSW. 




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