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Council Crown Land Managers - Resources

This page contains important resources for Council Crown land managers including:

  • Circulars
  • FAQs
  • Newsletters
  • Webcast and presentation materials, guidelines and practice notes




Crown land manager reserves portal

Council Crown land managers can access the Department of Industry – Crown land manager reserves portal


Frequently Asked Questions




Webinar and presentation materials, guidelines and practice notes 

For an introduction to the Crown Land Management Act 2016 for council Crown Land managers please see the following resources:

Specific technical resources are arranged in accordance with the steps that council Crown land managers must complete to lawfully manage their Crown reserves, as set out below.



Review the Reserves for which council is Crown Land Manager, and consider classifications and initial categories

Portal: Crown Land Reserves Manager Portal

Confirm community land classification of Reserves or seek operational classification if appropriate

Guidelines: Classification of Crown land managed by council Crown land managers – June 2018 


Forms and support material:


Webcast:  Classification and Categorisation webcast

Assign an initial category (for community land Reserves) and notify Minister for Lands and Forestry

Guidelines: Guideline - Initial categorisation of Crown land managed by local council Crown land managers 


Support material and forms:


Webcast: Classification and Categorisation webcast

Prepare plans of management for all community land Reserves (by 30 June 2021) and provide a copy of the draft plan to the Minister responsible for the CLM Act as landowner prior to public exhibition


Guidelines: Developing plans of management for community land Plans of Management (Guidelines)


NoteA summary of changes from the interim guideline to final guideline can be downloaded here.


Forms and templates:





Transition Guide

DOI – Land and Water has developed a Transition Guide to help local councils currently appointed to manage reserve trusts understand the changes for trusts and how to make any required corporate transition to the new arrangements.

Included in this document are:

  • Understanding the changes: an overview of the transition changes and requirements for managers

  • Transition checklist: a step-by-step checklist with supporting templates to help managers implement the transition activities. The checklist is provided as a guidance tool only and is not compulsory.

The Transition Guide can be downloaded here:


Lease and licence Fact Sheets and templates

DOI has also developed two Fact Sheets to assist councils to understand leasing and short-term licencing arrangements under the transitional provisions of Crown Land Management Act 2016.

The Lease and Licence Fact Sheets can be downloaded here:


Additionally, DOI has developed the following templates for the use of Council Crown Land Managers in the transition period:




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