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Do you need to microchip and register your dog or cat if you are moving from another state/territory to NSW?

If you are moving to NSW and are going to be here for three months or more, you must have your cat or dog microchipped (if this has not already been done), entered on the NSW Companion Animals Register and lifetime registered with your local council. This must occur within three months of moving to NSW.

If your cat or dog was microchipped outside NSW or before 1 July 1999 (when the Companion Animals Act 1998 came into effect), you will need to provide proof of microchipping to your NSW local council. You will need to present a Verification of Existing Microchip (M1) Form completed and signed by a Vet or other Authorised Identifier and a completed Permanent Identification (P1A) Form.

Registration in another state or territory cannot be transferred to NSW.

You may also have listed your cat or dog on a privately-operated national microchip database. These databases are not linked to the NSW Companion Animals Register. The NSW Companion Animals Register is a NSW Government database used to record registration information for cats and dogs that reside in NSW.

You should contact the operators of any databases on which your cat or dog is listed to update your contact details on your cat or dog's microchip record:

Australasian Animal Registry

1800 025 461

(02) 9704 1450

Central Animal Records


Recovery line:


1800 333 202

(03) 9706 3187


Global Micro Animal Registry

02 8338 9063

HomesafeID 1300537140

National Pet Register


1300 734 738

(03) 9329 2755




(02) 8850 6800

1800 989 989


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