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Greyhound obligations and penalties

Only a registered pet greyhound is exempt from the requirement to wear a muzzle while in public.

The person in charge of a pet greyhound not wearing a muzzle in a declared off-leash area must ensure that it wears the prescribed 'Greenhound' collar at all times while in the off-leash area or the person in charge of the animal carries a proof of completion card. The collar is issued by GRNSW when the greyhound has successfully completed an approved program.

Green collars are provided to greyhound owners once their animal completes an approved training course. 

Failure of the greyhound to wear the collar when it is not wearing a muzzle in an off-leash area is an offence under section 15 of the Act (not having the greyhound muzzled while in public). This may result in a penalty notice of $180 or, if the matter goes to court, a maximum penalty of $880.

If a greyhound rushes at, chases or attacks a person or other animal, the same penalties that apply for any breed of dog will apply. Like any other breed, greyhounds can also be declared dangerous or menacing and therefore will no longer be exempt from wearing a muzzle.

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