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Greyhound obligations and penalties

The owner of an exempt greyhound must ensure that the greyhound wears the prescribed 'Greenhound' collar at all times when it is in a public place. The collar is issued by GRNSW when the greyhound has successfully completed an approved program.

Affixed to the collar is a 'Greenhound' tag containing the greyhound's microchip number. This allows council enforcement officers to confirm that the collar is attached to the correct dog.

Failure of the greyhound to wear the collar when in a public place may mean the owner is guilty of an offence under section 15 of the Act (not having the greyhound muzzled while in public). This may result in a penalty notice of $180 or, if the matter goes to court, a maximum penalty of $880.

Any exempt greyhound that is subsequently proven to have attacked is subject to all existing responsibilities and penalties under the Companion Animals Act 1998 as is applicable to any other dog that attacks. Where an offence is proven the greyhound owner cannot rely on the exemption as an absolute defence.

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