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Review of the Lord Howe Island Regulation 2004

What is the Lord Howe Island Regulation?

The objective of the Lord Howe Island Act 1953 (the LHI Act) and the Lord Howe Island Regulation is to provide for the care, control and management of Lord Howe Island  to protect its unique values and the interests of its residents. Broadly, the Regulation deals with the following matters:

  • The election of the Lord Howe Island Board;
  • The application and transfer of perpetual leases and annual rent;
  • Licensing of tourist accommodation and other commercial undertakings;
  • The protection of the environment (including natural substances, flora and fauna);
  • Motor vehicles and mooring of vessels;
  • Various miscellaneous matters (including sale of alcohol and charge on tourists).


Why review the regulation?

The Subordinate Legislation Act 1989 requires government agencies to review their regulations every five year and consider their ongoing relevance, the need for amendment or the value of non-regulatory alternatives.


How will the review be conducted?

The Lord Howe Island Regulation 2004 (LHI Regulation) is due to be remade. The Office of Local Government is undertaking a review of the LHI Regulation on behalf of the Minister for the Environment. As part of the review the Lord Howe Island Board and other government departments, stakeholders and any interested persons have been  invited to make submissions on the proposed Regulation  and Regulatory Impact Statement.

To assist people interested in making a submission on the review a Fact Sheet  has been prepared summarising some of the proposed changes to the Regulation.


These documents may also be obtained by telephoning (02) 4428 4100 or from the Lord Howe Island Board Administration Office, Bowker Avenue, Lord Howe Island.


How long is the public exhibition period?

The proposed Regulation and Regulatory Impact Statement was publicly exhibited from 2nd  May 2014 until Friday 30th MAY 2014.


What will happen if I make a comment?

All submissions received will be considered in the review of the Regulation and can be viewed below.


Where to from here?

Following the public exhibition of the proposed Regulation submissions will be considered and a final version of the Regulation will be submitted to the Minister for the Environment for approval. The revised Regulation will become law on or before 1 September 2014 when the existing Regulation will be repealed.


Submissions in response to the Draft Lord Howe Island Regulation Review 2014.

Submissions in response to the draft Lord Howe Island Regulation 2014

Submission Number


File Size


Lord Howe Island Board

393 kb


Chris & Margaret Murray

578 kb


Clive M Wilson MBE

2,850 kb


Gary Payten

390 kb


Lord Howe Island Chamber of Commerce

555 kb


Dani Rourke

602 kb


Valarie Turk

465 kb


Transport for NSW, Maritime Management Centre

1,785 kb


Leon Brice

948 kb


NSW Scientific Committee

603 kb


Cindy Charlton Shick

954 kb


Campbell & Michele Wilson

101 kb


Department of Primary Industries

502 kb

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