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What you must do if you have received a Notice of Intention to declare your dog to be a dangerous or menacing dog?

The Act provides that an authorised officer may seize a dog that is subject to a notice of intention to declare the dog to be a dangerous or menacing dog, if the dog is not microchipped and lifetime registered at the time the Notice of Intention is issued.

If you fail to meet the control requirements for proposed dangerous or menacing dogs, you may be issued with a penalty notice.

You have 7 days from the date of issue of the Notice of Intention to lodge an objection with your local council. You may provide evidence in support of your objection which may include a behavioural assessment from a professional behavioural assessor. Your local council must consider your objection before making the decision whether or not to declare your dog a dangerous or menacing dog.

Your local council or the Office of Local Government do NOT recommend or provide contact details of professional behavioural assessors to owners issued with a Notice of Intention to declare a dog a dangerous or menacing dog.

To locate a professional behavioural assessor contact your local Vet for advice or refer to your local Yellow Pages.

It is also an offence to sell, advertise for sale, give away or transfer ownership of a proposed dangerous or menacing dog.

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