Promoting Better Practice

In the past OLG administered Promoting Better Practice program, which aimed to strengthen the local government sector by assessing council performance, promoting continuous improvement, facilitating self-assessment, and sharing better practice.

It is timely to revisit this and we have commenced a review of the program, including opportunities to update the process to take advantage of modern technology.

Promoting better practice should help councils to identify, share and promote better practice with an emphasis on:

  • strategic community planning
  • efficient and effective service delivery
  • quality governance and ethical conduct financial sustainability
  • promote strong relationships within the sector

We will keep you informed about the review process for the promoting Better Practice Program as more information comes to hand. In the meantime, if you are interested in reading any of the previous Better Practice Program Reports please email and request a list of available reports.



What are Promoting Better Practice Reviews?

Promoting Better Practice Review Reports