Approved standard contracts

Under section 338 of the Local Government Act 1993, general managers and senior staff of councils and executive officers of joint organisations must be employed under an employment contract based on a standard contract approved by the “departmental chief executive” of the Office of Local Government.

The standard contracts ensure consistency and certainty in employment relationships at the executive level in local government and reflect community expectations by providing greater transparency and accountability.

The approved standard contracts are provided below:


Guidelines for the appointment and oversight of general managers

Guidelines have been issued under section 23A of the Local Government Act 1993 to assist councillors when performing their functions under the Act relating to the appointment of general managers and overseeing their performance.

They provide guidance on:

  • the role of the general manager and the importance of a good working relationship between councillors and the general manager
  • the recruitment process and the appointment of a general manager
  • day to day oversight of and liaison with the general manager
  • the performance review process
  • separation, and
  • renewal of the general manager’s contract.