The Delivery program is a four year plan that turns the strategic goals found in the Community Strategic Plan into actions. It is the point where a council makes a commitment to the Community Strategic Plan, and act upon those issues that are within its area of responsibility.

The Delivery Program is the key ‘go to’ document for the councillors. It identifies all of the key activities the council has committed to undertake over its four-year term. All plans, projects, activities and funding allocations of the council must be directly linked to the Delivery Program.

The Delivery Program is also supported by the Resourcing Strategy. The Delivery Program should be reviewed every year as the council prepares the next Operational Plan. If any significant amendments are proposed to the Delivery Program, the council must re-exhibit it, explaining the proposed changes and inviting community comment.

The ‘Delivery Program’ chapter in the Integrated Planning and Reporting Handbook for local government in NSW provides detailed information.

community strategic plan diagram