Councils are required to submit several reports and returns/surveys annually, as required by the Local Government Act 1993 and by OLG policy. The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework details the reporting requirements that are mandated in the Local Government Act.


Annual Reporting requirements at a glance

Due date / frequency Report Description / requirements Legislative reference
Within 5 months of the end of each financial year(ie by 30 November) Annual Report Checklist– DOCX

Joint Organisations (JO) Annual Performance Statement Checklist – DOCX

Reports on the achievements in implementing the Delivery Program and the effectiveness of the principal activities undertaken in achieving the objectives in the Community Strategic Plan at which those activities are directed.The report must be prepared in accordance with the Local Government Regulation and the Integrated Planning & Reporting Guidelines.

The report must include a copy of the council’s audited financial reports.

The report must be posted on the council’s website.

s428 (Act)cl 217(1)


Tabled at the second meeting of the incoming council and included in the annual report due 30 Nov in year in which an ordinary election is held. ‘State of our City’’ report Reports on the council’s progress in implementing the Community Strategic Plan over the previous four years. This report looks at outcomes, ie what have been the results for the community and council as a result of the activities undertaken.  This includes environmental issues relevant to the objectives for the environment established by the Community Strategic Plan. The report must be prepared in accordance with the Guidelines s428(2)(Act)
At least every six months(Dates determined by council) Progress reports Report on progress with respect to the principal activities detailed in the Delivery Program. s404(5)(Act)
Not later than two months after the end of each quarter (except the June quarter)(i.e. by 1 December, 1 March, and 1 June) Budget review statement Shows, by reference to the estimate of income and expenditure set out in the statement of Council’s revenue policy included in the Operational Plan for the relevant year, a revised estimate of the income and expenditure for that year. cl203(Reg)


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