08-66 – Guidelines for fireworks events

Councils are advised that ‘Guidelines for Council when Notification of a Fireworks Event is Received’ have been developed by WorkCover and the Local Government and Shires Associations to provide councils with a standard framework when deciding whether to object to WorkCover in regard to a firework display of which council has received a notification (copy attached).

The guidelines are issued under s23A of the Local Government Act 1993.

This requires that all councils must have regard to the Guidelines when considering a fireworks event notification. As councils would be aware, WorkCover NSW is the approval authority for such events. Councils may, therefore, only charge proponents of such events in cases where council land  assets are utilised. The activity proposed must be in line with the management plan for the site and the usage charge must be identified in the council’s current management plan.

Councils are encouraged to post the Guidelines on their websites, with a link to the WorkCover site, to disseminate the Guidelines to industry and the wider

Garry Payne AM
Director General