09-11 Local Government Filming Protocol

The purpose of this Circular is to advise councils of the release of the revised Local Government Filming Protocol (the Protocol).

As advised in Circular No 08-40 Making NSW Film Friendly, the Film Related Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 was passed by Parliament on 18 June 2008 and was awaiting assent pending a review of the Protocol. The Act will commence on 30 March 2009.

It is NSW Government policy that State agencies provide the highest possible level of cooperation with film makers. It is also expected that councils will do the same.

The Protocol has been revised in consultation with the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW and a number of councils with experience in filming
activity. It aims to achieve a balance between the interests of councils and communities while supporting the film industry.

Councils must comply with the Protocol. Councils can only opt out of this Protocol by adopting a satisfactory alternative approved by the Director General of the
Department of Local Government. An alternative will only be approved if it supplements the Protocol.

Councils are required to nominate a Film Contact Officer who will assist filmmakers in obtaining the necessary approval, support and access to council services.

The Protocol provides details on the role of this position. The NSW Film and Television Office will offer training and ongoing support to Film Contact Officers and councils.

The Department of Local Government will review the Protocol after two years of operation.

General enquiries about the Protocol can be directed to Ms Carol Thomas, Principal Policy Officer, on telephone 02 4428 4174. Enquiries relating to technical
filming issues should be directed to the Film and Television Office (FTO). The contact at the FTO is Ms Kya Blondin, Acting Senior Production Attraction Executive on telephone 02 9264 6400 or email at

Further information is also available on the FTO website at

Ross Woodward
Acting Director General