16-17 – Public access to the new NSW Companion Animals Registry for cat and dog owners

What’s new or changing

  • In accordance with the NSW Government’s election commitment, the companion animals register is being redeveloped to provide a simpler one-step online registration process, and enhanced monitoring and enforcement.
  • OLG is undertaking the redevelopment of the register in two phases:
    • 1. In July 2016, a public portal will be added to the register, called the NSW Pet Registry (
    • 2. From early 2017 a modern, transformed register with enhanced enforcement and reporting functionality will be released.
  • This means that, from July 2016:
    • Pet owners and breeders can create an online profile, update their details, notify their dog or cat as missing, register ownership changes, and pay registration fees from the convenience of their personal computers or mobile devices.
    • Vets and other Authorised Identifiers will enter microchip implantation information for cats and dogs directly onto the register. This practice will greatly reduce the data entry burden for councils over time.
    • Cats will need to be desexed by four months age to receive the discounted lifetime registration fee. The discounted lifetime registration fee will continue to apply to dogs desexed by six months of age.
    • Breeders will be given a Breeder ID Number, creating efficiencies in recording owner and animal information on the register and to help track litters over time.
    • Vets will be required to update the desexed status on the register for cats and dogs they desex. Vets can also update the register

What this will mean for your council

  • Councils and registration agents will continue to use the current register until Phase 2 is released in 2017.
  • In July 2016, new forms will be available for councils and the public to download from the OLG website at and the NSW Pet Registry at
  • Councils should phase out the use of the current forms (i.e. P1A, M1, R2, C3A and C3B).
  • Council customer service officers can assist pet owners who have difficulty using an online service by helping them create a profile, process paper application forms and complete data entry.
  • It is anticipated that there will be an increased number of pet owners claiming ownership and updating their details by submitting statutory declarations directly with councils, as owners create a new online profile and then seek to add existing pets to it.
  • Pet owners entitled to a zero dollar registration fee will still need to attend a council to register their pets.
  • Pensioners with a desexed cat or dog can pay registration online and obtain the discounted fee for eligible pensioners.
  • From July 2016, OLG will be issuing text messages and emails to existing pet owners encouraging them to create their online profile. This will continue over several months.

Key points

  • The Register is going online so that pet owners and breeders can update their details, pay registration and change ownership of cats and dogs from the convenience of their personal computers or mobile devices.
  • The new register aims to capture breeders as the first owner of a pet, who can complete the transfer of ownership to a new owner online.
  • The new public portal will be available at Pet owners, breeders, vets, Authorised Identifiers and Approved Persons will use the public portal.
  • Councils and other registration agents will access the current register through a link on the public portal.

Where to go for further information

  • OLG will conduct information webinars for councils in June 2016.
  • More information will be provided to councils before the launch of the NSW Pet Registry website in July 2016.Tim Hurst
    Acting Chief Executive