18-41 – Misuse of Council Resources – March 2019 State Election

Category: Circular to Councils Status: Active
Circular Details: 18-41 / 6 December 2018 / A628135 Contact:  Council Governance Team/02 4428 4201
Previous Circular: 15-07 Attachments: Nil
Who should read this: Councillors / General Managers / All council staff Action required: Information / Council to Implement
PDF Version: Council Circular 18-41 – PDF

What’s new or changing?

  • In the lead up to the March 2019 State election, councillors, council staff and other council officials need to be aware of their obligations under the Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils in NSW (the Model Code) in relation to the use of council resources.

What this will mean for your council

  • It is important that the community has confidence that council property and resources are only used for official purposes.
  • Councils are encouraged to ensure that councillors, council staff and other council officials are aware of their obligations regarding the use of council resources.

Key points

  • The Model Code provides that council officials must not:
    o use council resources (including council staff), property or facilities for the purpose of assisting their election campaign or the election campaign of others unless the resources, property or facilities are otherwise available for use or hire by the public and any publicly advertised fee is paid for the use of the resources, property or facility
    o use council letterhead, council crests, council email or social media or other information that could give the appearance it is official council material for the purpose of assisting their election campaign or the election campaign of others.
  • These obligations apply to all election campaigns including council, State and Federal election campaigns.
  • Councils should also ensure that they exercise any regulatory powers in relation to election activities such as election signage in an impartial and even-handed way and in accordance with established procedures and practices.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements may result in disciplinary action under the code of conduct.

Where to go for further information

  • For more information, contact OLG’s Council Governance Team by telephone on 4428 4100 or by email to

Tim Hurst
Chief Executive