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Budget builds stronger councils for stronger communities (NSW)

Tuesday, 18 June 2024

The Minns Labor Government is building a stronger local government sector by ensuring
councils are better positioned to deliver on the key outcomes their communities need,
including the delivery of new homes.

The Government recognises councils’ critical role in the housing crisis and has reserved
$200 million in grants for councils to meet and beat their housing targets.

This funding will help councils deliver infrastructure including roads, open spaces and
community facilities.

The 2024-25 NSW Budget invests in further strengthening councils with an additional $37.4
million to bolster the capacity of the Office of Local Government which has been underresourced
for decades.

This funding will enable the Office of Local Government to enact better regulation and
enhance its ability to intervene quickly when governance and financial issues are identified
across the State’s 128 councils.

It will also support reform delivery, namely, to the councillor code of conduct and to increase
transparency and accountability across local government.

The Budget also assists NSW pensioners with cost-of-living pressures, providing
$78.5 million in 2024-25 to continue funding council rate concessions.

Councils are the closest level of government to the people of NSW, but more than a decade
of neglect by the previous government has left serious challenges which impact councils’
ability to deliver the services NSW communities use every day.

This funding is part of the Minns Labor Government’s plan to build better communities for

A plan to build stronger councils to deliver the services people rely on today and into the

A plan to build a better NSW.

MEDIA: Clare Dowswell | Minister Hoenig | 0448 540 073

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