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19-28 Annual Report and Annual Performance Statement Checklists

Date: Tuesday 5th November 2019
Category: Council Circular

Circular Details Circular No 19-28 / 05 November 2019 / A663364
Previous Circular  18-28 Annual Report Checklist
Who should read this Councillors / General Managers / All council staff / Specific business areas / Joint Organisations / Executive Officers
Contact Performance Team / (02) 44284100
Action required Council and Joint Organisation to Implement
PDF Version of Circular  19-28 Annual Report and Annual Performance Statement Checklists


What’s new or changing
• The annual report checklist for councils has been updated to include the reporting requirement on councillor professional development training.
• An annual performance statement checklist has been drafted for joint organisations.


What this will mean for your council and joint organisation
• Councils can use the annual report checklist and joint organisations can use the annual performance statement checklist to ensure that all the information required under the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act), the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 and other relevant legislation and guidelines is in their annual report and annual performance statement.


Key points
• Under the Act, councils must prepare an annual report and joint organisations an annual performance statement within five months after the end of the year.
• Councils and joint organisations must upload a copy of the annual report to their website and provide a copy to the Minister for Local Government and such other persons and bodies as regulations apply. Councils and joint organisations can notify the Minister by providing a URL link to the Office of Local Government (OLG) (
• Councils should ensure they report performance against targets, outcomes, efficiency and cost effectiveness over time.
• Joint organisations should ensure they report as to their progress in implementing its strategies and plans for delivering its strategic regional priorities.
• While joint organisations are not required to produce an annual performance statement for the first year of operations, they may elect to do so.


Where to go for further information
• The annual report and annual performance statement checklists are available on OLG’s website at


Tim Hurst
Deputy Secretary
Local Government, Planning and Policy

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