Your local council is responsible for planning and development matters, including zoning and re-zoning, within the local government area.

Rezoning decisions are also subject to a final decision by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, on the recommendation of Planning and Infrastructure. Further information is available from Planning and Environment.

If you are dissatisfied with council’s handling of your development application, you may have a number of options. You may: amend your application and reapply for development consent; apply for a review of the council’s decision; or make an appeal to the Land and Environment Court.

If you have a concern about a proposed development you should raise this with your local council or elected councillors. Many councils invite public comment on certain types of development – if so, this is an opportunity to have your say about the proposal.

Unless the development is a ‘designated development’, you cannot appeal against a decision to grant development consent unless you believe that there are serious legal issues or the development poses a serious threat to the environment. For more information, contact the Land and Environment Court or the Environmental Defender’s Office.

If you have a concern about the conduct of a private certifier you should speak to the certifier in the first instance. If you remain concerned, contact the Building Professionals Board, the Ombudsman or ICAC.