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Updating your dog or cat's details on the NSW Companion Animals Register

A new service has been created for NSW cat and dog owners. You can update your pet’s details on the Registry ( or over the counter at your local council. The NSW Pet Registry enables lost pets to be reunited with their owners and is now available for cat and dog owners to:

  • create an owner profile,
  • update their contact details,
  • transfer ownership of pets
  • report their pet missing, and,
  • pay most lifetime registration fees online.

The Pet Registry will also be used by pet breeders, vets and authorised identifiers. Pet breeders, who create a profile on the Pet Register, will be able to have their new litters added straight to their profile. Veterinarians and authorised identifiers are able to enter a pet’s details directly onto the Pet Registry as part of their microchipping service, reducing errors and making data entry more efficient.  

For the time being, paper forms are still available for those who cannot use the Pet Registry. People with assistance and working dogs will also need to register their dog in person at their local council.

The Pet Registry can be found at

Councils should continue to use the Companion Animals Register found


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