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The NSW Government encourages pet owners to desex cats and dogs at an early age. This helps to ensure pets stay healthy, are well behaved and do not have unwanted litters. The Government continues to provide funding to support discounted registration fees for desexed animals.

  • The discounted registration fee is available to owners who desex their cat before four (4) months of age. A discounted fee applies to dogs desexed before six (6) months of age.
  • Vets can update the NSW Pet Registry when a pet is desexed. Vets can also update the Registry to indicate that a pet should not yet be desexed for medical reasons.

If you cannot afford to have your cat or dog desexed, speak to your vet or an animal welfare organisation, as they may be able to help.

Although you do not have to have your cat or dog desexed, unless it is a restricted, declared dangerous or menacing dog, there are benefits in doing so for you and your animal.

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