Local Government Boundaries and Mapping Resources

Find Your Local Council

This online tool allows you to determine your local Council for a given location within NSW. You must enter a valid street address into the search box, which uses real time address validation, and provides predictive address suggestions.

Output of results provide detailed information of the correct Local Government Area and contact details for users to engage with their local council.

Local Government Directory

Provides information on the following local government entities, including general contact information, address details, Councilors, and General Manager, etc:

  • Councils,
  • County Councils,
  • Regional Organisations of Councils
  • Local Government & Shires Associations, and
  • Joint Organisations.

Information also available as an Excel download file.

Suburbs within an Local Government Area (LGA)

The dataset shows list of suburbs/localities and the LGA’s they fall within.

Percentage attribute indicates the percentage by area of the locality within each LGA.

Source: NSW Spatial Services

Map of NSW Councils Boundaries - NSW Local Government Areas (LGAs)

This is an interactive map that displays a NSW Local Government Area dataset that depicts polygons of gazetted boundaries defining the Local Government Area.

Click on the map and specific polygons to see LGA information.

Source: NSW Spatial Services – NSW Administrative Boundaries Theme – Local Government Area