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Rates, Charges and Pensioner Concession

Councils provide a range of important services to their communities. These services may include community services, sporting and recreation services, environmental planning, public health, environmental protection and waste collection, treatment and disposal. The rates you pay allow your council to fund these services.

Click on the 'frequently asked questions' download for more information about:

  • How councils decide how much you have to pay in rates and charges
  • Land categorisation and land values
  • How you can find out more about your council's rates and charges
  • Rate pegging - what it means, who determines it and how
  • Special rate variations - what IPART takes into account
  • Domestic waste management charges
  • Water, sewerage, and stormwater charges
  • Support for people who cannot pay their rates

For information about Pensioner Concessions, including the Concession Application Form, click on the downloads.

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