Alcohol Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas in NSW – Fact Sheet

  • Alcohol free zones (AFZs) and alcohol prohibited areas (APAs) may be used by councils to prohibit alcohol consumption in public places to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime.
  • AFZs apply to road-related public areas (e.g. public road, footpath or carpark). APAs apply to non-road-related public places (e.g. parks).
  • These measures can help councils to keep public spaces and streets safe and enjoyable for residents and visitors while not discriminating against particular community groups.
  • AFZs and APAs should be used where there is demonstrable community need, deal with short-term issues and regularly reviewed to see if they are still needed.
  • Used in isolation, AFZs and APAs may simply move a problem from one place to another. They are likely to be more effective when they form part of a broader strategy including things like education, community programs and public place design.


The Fact Sheet can be downloaded here


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