County Councils also prepare an integrated suite of plans. While they do not prepare a Community Strategic Plan (as this work is undertaken by their constituent councils), they will instead prepare a Strategic Business Plan. This plan must give due regard to the Community Strategic Plan/s of the constituent councils and be developed in consultation with the constituent councils. Community engagement may also be required on the issues specific to the County Council’s plan.

Specific exemptions and modifications to clarify the requirements for county councils are included in the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021.

Councils that have responsibility for water supply and sewerage infrastructure need to comply with the requirements and timeframes of the NSW Government’s Regulatory and Assurance Framework for Local Water Utilities.

County Councils differ in nature and size to their constituent councils and their planning documents will reflect this. The ‘Community Strategic Planning’ chapter of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Handbook for local government in NSW provides further information for County Councils and better practice examples.