Information in this section of the website has been provided to assist councils to implement the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

In addition to providing resources such as IPR Guidelines, Manual and Checklist, we have also provided top tips for Councils, better practice examples, information about roles and responsibilities, suggested timeframes, specific requirements for County Councils and tips for integrating plans.

A closed Facebook page has been established for NSW local government IP&R practitioners to share good practice and resource ideas, ask and answer questions about IP&R, and generally be a space for IP&R discussion. To be invited to join this page, please send a request from your NSW council email address to

Good practice examples

There is no perfect suite of council plans, the intent of these better practice examples is to provide council practitioners, councillors and community members with a range of examples of how a council might undertake its planning

You are encouraged to tell us about other examples of good practice so we can add it to this site, and everyone can benefit.

IPR Process


Roles and Responsibilities

Suggested timeframes for the IP&R cycle

Requirements for County Councils

Integrating the plans