A suggested timeframe for developing the suite of plans is shown below:

6 – 12 months before local government election. Outgoing council oversees a review of progress in implementing the Community Strategic Plan. The report is presented to the final meeting of the outgoing council, and is published in the Annual Report.Preliminary consultation with target groups or community satisfaction surveys may be conducted to improve the information base for the Plan.
First 3 months of new council:October to December. New councillors undertake an induction program and become familiar with their responsibilities in the planning process and review the progress report on the Community Strategic Plan from the previous council.Background information to support a revision of the Community Strategic Plan is presented to councillors via reports/discussion papers/workshops etc. The General Manager oversees a revision of the Community Engagement Strategy, in consultation with councillors.
3 – 6 months after election:January to March. A community engagement program is undertaken which includes councillor leadership and involvement, and a draft Community Strategic Plan is prepared.The Resourcing Strategy is reviewed in light of the draft Community Strategic Plan. Work commences on the Delivery Program.
6 – 9 months after election:April to June. The Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program and Operational Plan are finalised and adopted. The Resourcing Strategy is updated to enable the achievement of the Delivery Program and Operational Plan, and is adopted.
1 July following election Council commences implementation of the plans

The ‘Community Strategic Plan’ chapter of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Manual for local government in NSW provides detailed information on how to get started, deciding on timeframes and sequencing, allocating responsibilities and agreeing on principles.