21-30 Pre-Election Guide for Councils

Circular Details21-30 / 5 October 2021 / A784861
Previous Circular21-20 Postponement of the local government elections to 4 December 2021
Who should read thisCouncillors / General Managers / All council staff
ContactCouncil Governance Team / 02 4428 4100 /
Action requiredCouncils to Implement
PDF Version21-30 Pre-Election Guide for Councils

What’s new or changing

  • The Office of Local Government (OLG) has prepared a Pre-Election Guide for Councils.
  • The Guide provides updated and comprehensive guidance to councils on key tasks that need to be completed prior to the council election. The Guide also provides guidance to councils on the rules, restrictions and other considerations that apply to the decision’s councils make and the way they exercise their functions in the lead up to the election.

What this will mean for your council

  • Councils’ elections will be held on 4 December 2021.
  • The Guide provides guidance on the following:
    • the preparation and confirmation of non-residential rolls
    • the use of council resources for election purposes
    • staff political activities in the lead up to the elections
    • council publications during the “regulated period” in the 40 days prior to the election
    • publication of the end of term report
    • attendance by the mayor and councillors at council and community events prior to the election
    • media comment by the mayor and councillors prior to the election
    • caretaker restrictions in the 4 weeks preceding election day
    • planning for the first council meeting following the election
    • delegations to the general manager during the election period.

Where to go for further information

  • The Pre-Election Guide for Councils is available on the 2021 Local Government Elections webpage on OLG’s website here.
  • For further information, contact the Council Governance Team on 4428 4100 or