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NSW residents encouraged to adopt don’t shop for a purr-fect present this Christmas

Ron Hoenig – Minister for Local Government

Thursday, 21 December 2023

NSW residents are being encouraged to adopt from their local council pound or animal shelter rather than shopping if they’re considering getting a pet this Christmas.
The Christmas period is a prime time when many families welcome a new, furry family member into their homes.
But with councils and rehoming organisations reporting an increase in surrendered or abandoned animals recently, there are many loving pets across the state waiting to find their forever home.
In the 12 months to 30 June 2023, there were 21,580 dogs and 14,370 cats in the NSW pound system, including 5,680 dogs and 5,030 cats which were released to organisations for rehoming.
Adopting a pet provides a safe home to animals in need of a second chance while also reducing the demand on the state’s facilities. This includes 100 approved rehoming organisations and 98 council pounds across NSW.
Current and prospective pet owners are also being reminded about responsible pet ownership and the importance of microchipping, desexing and registering their pet via the NSW Pet Registry.
Sadly, summer is a peak time of year for pets to go missing, whether they’re spooked by New Year’s Eve fireworks or escape into unfamiliar surroundings when taken on the family holiday.
Ensuring your pet’s details are up to date on the NSW Pet Registry can make all the difference in the chance of a happy reunion if your pet goes missing.
Registration via the NSW Pet Registry is free for desexed cats and dogs adopted from pounds, animal shelters and approved rehoming organisations.
To adopt a pet this Christmas, visit your council pound, RSPCA, Animal Welfare League, Cat Protection Society or another approved rehoming organisation in your local area.
To see the full list of approved rehoming organisations click here, or contact your local council for information on council pounds.
Quotes attributable to Minister for Local Government Ron Hoenig:
“Dogs and cats are beloved members of the family in homes across NSW.
“They can provide love and companionship and adopting a pet which might’ve had a rough start to life can be an incredibly rewarding experience.
“If you’re welcoming a new pet into your family this Christmas, please think about visiting a council pound, animal shelter or rehoming organisation to see if there’s a dog or cat that would suit your household.
“More than 3,480 dogs and 3,690 cats were adopted from NSW pounds in the year to 30 June 2023,
showing just how generous the people of NSW can be.
“While pets can bring a lot of joy, it’s also important to remember they are a big responsibility.
“So before adopting a pet ensure you’re in the best position to give them the life and home they

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