Rock Fishing Safety Act

If you are fishing from rocks exposed to ocean swell in a declared area, then you will need to wear a lifejacket. It is safest to wear a lifejacket whenever and wherever you are rock fishing.

Under the NSW Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016 , when rock fishing in a declared area you are required by law to wear an appropriate lifejacket, this also includes children and anyone helping you fish.

Rock fishing in a declared area without an appropriate lifejacket may result in a $100 on the spot fine.

Lifejacket safety standards

There are a range of lifejackets suitable for use when rock fishing.

An appropriate lifejacket:

  • For an adult, must meet Australian Standard AS 4758 level 50S or greater
  • For a child (under 12 years of age), must be level 100 Australian Standard AS 4758 or greater
  • Must be the correct size for the wearer
  • If it is inflatable, it cannot rely only on oral inflation (blowing into a mouthpiece) for buoyancy. It must be checked and repaired by a professional every 12 months. Note: a longer service period might apply only if specified by the manufacturer.
  • Must be in good condition

Some lifejackets approved under other standards may also meet the requirements.