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The Resourcing Strategy

The Community Strategic Plan provides a vehicle for each community to express its long-term aspirations. However, these aspirations will not be achieved without sufficient resources – time, money, assets and people – to implement them. The Resourcing Strategy is critical link when translating strategic objectives into actions.

The Resourcing Strategy consists of three inter-related elements:

The Resourcing Strategy makes clear what elements of the Community Strategic Plan the council will take responsibility for. Other levels of government, business, non-government organisations, community groups and individuals will also have a role in achieving the outcomes of the Community Strategic Plan.

As its name suggests, each of the elements of the Resourcing Strategy also play a role in resourcing the achievement of the Delivery Program and Operational Plans, as well as any other strategic plans the council has developed to support the achievement of the Community Strategic Plan.

The ‘Resourcing Strategy’ chapter of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Manual provides further information and good practice examples.



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