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Brewarrina Council Public Inquiry (2007)

On 24 August 2007, the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Paul Lynch MP, announced a second public inquiry into Brewarrina Shire Council.

The terms of reference of the Inquiry were:

"To inquire, report and provide recommendations as to whether all civic offices at Brewarrina Shire Council should be declared vacant. The Inquiry will have particular regard to:

  1. The adequacy of Council’s performance since the release of the Public Inquiry report into Brewarrina Shire Council dated 2 December 2005, in particular in addressing the following issues of concern identified in the report:
  2. Council’s relationship with the local community and in particular its relationship with the local indigenous community and the Community Working Party
  3. The capacity of the elected council to effectively conduct council meetings in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993, the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 and Council’s code of meeting practice and
  4. The performance of Council’s administration in establishing and maintaining appropriate systems and policies to deliver efficient and effective governance of the council area and in managing Council’s finances including appropriate control of expenditure and undertaking appropriate revenue raising activities.

Any other matters that warrant mention, particularly when it may impact on the effective administration of the Council area and/or the working relationships between the Council, councillors and its administration. The Commissioner may make such other recommendations as he sees fit."

Appointed Commissioner: Mr John Davies.

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