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Rylstone Shire Council Public Inquiry (2004)

On 16th January 2004 the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Tony Kelly MLC, announced a formal public inquiry into Rylstone Shire Council.

The terms of reference of the Inquiry were:

“To inquire, report and provide recommendations to the Minister for Local Government on the efficiency and effectiveness of the governance of Rylstone Shire Council.

The Inquiry will have particular regard to:

  1. Whether the elected representatives command the community’s confidence and support as to their capability, and whether the elected representatives have been and will continue to be in a position to direct and control the affairs of council in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993, so that council may fulfil the Charter, provisions and intent of the Local Government Act 1993 and otherwise fulfil its statutory functions.
  2. Whether the council has exercised prudent financial management.
  3. Council’s process of appointment and management of staff and particularly during the 2003 organisational restructure.
  4. Any other matter that warrants mention, particularly where it may impact on the effective administration of the area and/or the working relationships between the Council, Councillors and its administration.

The Commissioner may make other recommendations as they see fit, including whether all civic offices in relation to the Council should be declared vacant so as to ensure that an appropriate structure can be put in place to provide optimum community leadership.”

Appointed Commissioner: Mrs Gabrielle Kibble AO.

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