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09-07 Applications For Ministerial Approval For A Special Variation To General Income

Date: Wednesday 18th February 2009
Category: Council Circular

Councils wishing to apply for a special variation to increase their general income in 2009/2010 will need to determine whether they wish to apply under section 508(2) or section 508A of the Local Government Act 1993.

Section 508(2) enables the Minister for Local Government to approve a percentage increase for a specified year that is greater than the general variation percentage approved under section 506 of the Act (the "rate peg"). While an increase under section 508(2) is for a specific year, the period for which the increase is to apply may be fixed or ongoing.

A special variation approved by the Minister under Section 508A allows a council to increase its general income in consecutive years by an amount that is greater than the rate peg for each year, up to a maximum of 7 years. Read more...

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